SUMI is sushi master extraordinaire Endo Kazutoshi’s “little sister” restaurant to his eponymous Michelin-starred Endo at the Rotunda.

Although it’s named after his mother.

Like Endo at the Rotunda, SUMI is still beautiful, but a little more low-key. The interior is the perfect balance of understated elegance: a mix of pale wood panelling, traditional tiling and somehow chic-yet-casual rattan accents. It sits in that Venn intersection of Nordic and Japanese style, but the traditional calligraphy, gold lighting and green foliage ensure the place still feels authentic, warm and inviting.

Kazutoshi has entrusted his mother’s good name to Head Chef Yasuda Akinori, previously of Zuma, who has worked with Endo for many years. The menu pays homage to Japanese traditions, but also takes inspiration from the many travels and experiences the great sushi master has had throughout his life. But part of the brilliance of SUMI is its simplicity. Whereas some sushi hot spots throw all sorts of bells and whistles onto the plate, SUMI sits back and lets the fish be the main event, making this one of the most confident, and frankly coolest, Japanese joints in the city.

The sashimi is absolutely excellent, and could be eaten all day long, but don’t leave without sampling at least one temaki, a hand-rolled variety of sushi consisting of rice, raw fish and vegetables wrapped in nori. The Akami, a mix of diced red tuna marinated in soy and wasabi, and the Hotate, diced scallop with shiso flowers, soy and salt, are unbelievably fresh and mouth-wateringly delicious.

To drink there’s a healthy list of cocktails, and of course the usual sake and Japanese whiskies that really add the finishing touch to your meal.

And the wasabi cherry on this tantalising cake?

The very reasonably priced SUMI will not break your bank, if you can believe it.


NOTE: SUMI is open Tuesday to Sunday. You can find out more, and make a booking at their website right here.

SUMI | 157 Westbourne Grove, W11 2RS

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157 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, West London, W11 2RS
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