Tart Clapham

Behold, the only coffee shop on The Nudge.

Except for all the others.

But making a rare exception to our general M.O. of only covering places that you can go for dinner (as well as lunch) we thought that Tart Clapham deserved a mention… because it genuinely does make exceedingly good tarts. Describing itself (accurately) as “probably London’s only tart-based bakery and coffee shop“, the space itself is considerably cooler and moodier than you might expect, with a stone & chipboard coffee bar making way to a dark wood-furnished, brick-walls alcove of seating in the back.

Tart Clapham

On the menu – as you might also expect – are, well, tarts. There’s the award-winning chorizo, tomato, and goat’s cheese; then there’s the smoked salmon, mounted pea, and Dijon number; and you can’t go wrong with a little caramelised fennel, black olive, and feta. And, of course, there’s a Bakewell…

There are also not-tarts, including za’atar-roasted sweet potato salad with pickled chilli and shallots, or some tomato & cucumber loaded quinoa tabouleh.

Of course food is only half the equation, which means that you can also expect to enjoy an array of caffeination from Volcano Coffee (whose roastery is based nearby in Brixton), plus loose leaf teas and cold-pressed juices like the Zenzero, which blends apple, ginger, lemon, and thyme… and which we would say sounds delicious….

….if we were pressed.


NOTE: Tart Clapham is open 8am-5pm weekdays, 9am-6pm weekends. You can find out more, and check out the full menu at their website HERE.

Tart Clapham | 25 The Pavement, SW4 0JA

While you’re in the neighbourhood… you should take a peek at The Dairy.

Tart Clapham

25 The Pavement, Clapham, SW4 0JA
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