temper Covent Garden | Pizza And Vermouth From Chef Neil Rankin

Neil Rankin's temper Comes to Covent Garden

temper Covent Garden

temper Covent Garden | Pizza & Vermouth

Neil Rankin’s temper keeps rising.

You see, it all started with the Soho original, where he roasted animals whole over coals in a sleek basement smokehouse. Then, he worked up a temper in the City, where the focus was on curries cooked over a fire pit, served with gin. And now to complete this open-fire triumvirate, he’s unleashing his temper on Covent Garden – this time bringing you pizza and vermouth.

It’s set to be a huge, bi-level space, with an outdoor (heated) patio and basement seating overlooking the dough proving room. Just to prove that they make it there. Taking note from the theatrical open-kitchen layout of the other two sites, it’ll also boast a lengthy kitchen counter with a wood-fired pizza oven at one end, and a bar at the other.

temper Covent Garden - Patricia Niven

From the former, there’ll be the two types of pizza – the Detroit, a puffy, deep-pan number boasting cheese crusts smothered with toppings like whole soft-shell crabs, onions, green chilli and brown crab sour cream; and the Bar, a wafer-thin, cracker-like version topped with gems like cured Wagyu beef or mozzarella, clams, red onion and samphire. These’ll be served up alongside other Italian classics like goat ragu, and beef fat and pesto-stuffed tortellini.

And from the latter, there’ll be the drinks – focussed strongly on vermouths running the gamut from sweet to dry; there’ll be the option to drink them neat or muddled into a cocktail. If you’re not already ordering the Aperol Spritz on tap, that is.

After all, that temper needs to be kept bubbling.


NOTE: temper Covent Garden is set to open 14th May, with a soft launch (50% off food) 7th-11th May. You can find out more and reserve a table on the website HERE.

temper Covent Garden | 5 Mercer Walk, WC2H 9QP

Images: Patricia Niven

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temper Covent Garden

5 Mercer Walk, Covent Garden, Central London, WC2H 9QP


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