The Blue Posts

The Palomar Crew Are Opening A New Spot In Chinatown

In 1739, two very important things happened in Britain:

1) The nation went to war with Spain. Because of an ear. It was called The War of Jenkins’ Ear.

2) The pub that would become The Blue Posts was founded in what would become Chinatown.

Now, over a quarter of a millenium later, the folks behind vaunted restaurants The Palomar and The Barbary are renovating the space, and turning it into a three storey palace of food & wine. Here’s how each of the floors will break down:


This ground floor pub will be, well, a ground floor pub. It’ll have the same high ceilings and large windows it’s had for the last 275 years, and you can expect a lineup of independently brewed cask ales, lagers, and ciders (plus a few things to eat). Heading into the beer cellar, you’ll find,


Named for the character Evelyn Mulwray (played by Faye Dunaway in Chinatown), this will be an intimate chef’s table space, with only 11 seats surrounding a small kitchen space, with dishes being passed from the range straight to the guest. Heading two floors up, you’ll get to,


Named after (you guessed it) Faye Dunaway’s character in Chinatown, this will be a a richly decorated cocktail lounge; dark velvets, marble and satin brass details will contrast with furnishings in soft pink. The centrepiece of the room will be a wood burning stove, sitting in front of a bar crammed with liquor and typically great wines.

NOTE: The Blue Posts is doe to open on December 5th. We’ll be back then with the full scoop. In the meantime, you can find out more at their website right HERE.


The Blue Posts | 28 Rupert St.  W1D 6DJ

Want to get a preview of how good the food will be here? Then head on over to The Palomar….

The Blue Posts

28 Rupert St., Soho, Soho, W1D 6DJ


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