The Cheese Bar

Cheese puns.

Sure, they can be gouda. Maybe even fetastic. But as you’ve just seen, they’re mostly just unbrielievably bad.

So we’ll stop.

Instead we’ll just cut straight to the good stuff and tell you about The Cheese Bar in Camden Market: a permanent brick-and-mortar upgrade from The Cheese Truck that’s been roaming the UK’s more curd-addicted parts for the past four years selling point-perfect toasties, and other oozy goodness. Yes, this is a restaurant dedicated to cheese.

The venue itself is surprisingly sleek and modern-looking, a stark contrast from the comfort-eating, huddle-under-a-blanket-on-the-sofa vibe that cheese dishes tend to carry with them. Instead, you’ll find design-chic bar seating surrounding a lustrous U-shaped marble countertop resting its prongs on the glorious, well-lit cheese fridge that takes up a large chunk of the back wall.

Cheese Bar Camden

In that fridge, they’ve stuffed over 30 of their favourite cheeses (a great deal of which they’ve sourced from within the M25), waiting to be duly sliced, melted, and grated into dishes like the classic cheese toastie, which uses Quicke’s cheddar, some rich Ogleshield, and a little red onion, plus new numbers like their Queso Fundido (it’s like a spicy Mexican fondue); chicken poutine with sage and crispy onions; mini baked Bix; five cheese macaroni; Young Buck raclette; and more.

If somehow your lacto-hypertolerance still isn’t sated, there’s even a cheese-based dessert menu. Obviously there’s cheesecake, but try the tres leches soft serve sundae – it’s made in collaboration with Happy Endings London, and is served with a choice of topping. And to wash it all down, there’s an impressively extensive menu of small producer wines, craft beers and London-made spirits.

You’ll want to try Chèvrey one. (We know, we said we’d stop, but we don’t give Edam.)


NOTE: The Cheese Bar is open weekdays 12-9pm (9.30pm Fri), Sat 11am-9.30pm & Sun 11am-7pm. You can find out more, and make a booking, HERE.

The Cheese Bar | Camden Stable Market, NW1 8AH

Main image: Joel Knight

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The Cheese Bar

Camden Market, Camden Market, North London, NW1 8AH
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