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The Cutting Room | Art & Dining in Fitzrovia

They say art in restaurants is a lot like food in galleries.

Which is usually true.

Unless the gallery is IN the restaurant. Then, in this rare and beautiful nexus, you get the best of both worlds with no compromises. This is the case at The Cutting Room.

You’ll find it in Fitzrovia, along the central London restaurant nucleus that is Charlotte Street. A couple of doors down from it is the Woolfe Gallery, who supply the art that goes on the walls in the restaurant itself. It rotates each month, and you can buy anything you see, should you feel particularly inclined.

The space itself is a fairly cosy, functional, single-room set up filled with wood furniture and white walls, which form something of a blank canvas for the non-blank canvasses to show themselves off in. At the back you’ll see a bar leading out to the open kitchen, from which you can see the wood-fired grill.

Your menu will detail exactly what wood is going into that grill on the day you visit, but it’ll be more than likely scorching sharing-style dishes like braised lamb croquettes; miso salmon on a bed of samphire; fillet steak with earthy truffle & avocado; and a creamy artichoke, spinach, and parmesan dip served with crusty bread to dip.

To drink, they’ve got all the cocktails, wines and beers that you could want – but they also have a selection of bottle-aged cocktails (called “prescriptions”) that come in little medicinal bottles with hand-written labels. And they even claim they’re good for you. Apparently the gin/elderflower/peach-laden Cycling in Paris will help to improve both “creative thinking and vision”, while their Negroni “aids digestion and increases wit”. And if you have enough of them, anything you say will be hilariously funny.

To you.


NOTE: The Cutting Room is open for lunch and dinner, Tues-Sat (and is open till 1am Thurs-Sat). You can find out more, and book a table at their website right HERE.

The Cutting Room | 95 Charlotte Street, W1T 4PZ

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The Cutting Room

95 Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia, W1T 4PZ
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0207 636 9310

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