The Palomar | A Modern Day Rebirth Of Traditional Jewish Foods

The Palomar

The Palomar

The Palomar | Soho Restaurant

What do you get when two Tel Aviv nightclub entrepreneurs and the winner of ‘Iron Chef’ Israel are sewn together?

Dubious surgery and a three-headed cooking party animal.

Scrap the sewing part, and they could just work together in autonomous harmony to bring London a pulse quickening, free flowing, seafood bearing, shalom giving, modern day rebirth of traditional Jewish, Southern Spanish and North African foods.

Which they have, at The Palomar.

Here’s a virtual tour, with words:

After you’ve navigated Soho’s bustling theatre-laden streets and pushed through the steam-sealing glass doors, you’ll be showered with ‘shaloms’ and hand claps as the scents of modern Jerusalem diffuse along the air from the low, open kitchen.

The Palomar

Take a stool at the 16-foot polished zinc bar overlooking the chefs and watch as they prepare orders to the over-bar-banter specifications they’ll unfailingly make you dish out. Alternatively, take a private banquet-booth in the slightly more withdrawn and intimate back room.

While you wait for bright white seared scallops and ginseng cocktails, feel free to bob your head to the rhythmic dance music of the Tel Aviv party scene. Because all the staff will be, including the resident three headed cooking party animal…

… but that’s just Steve.

He was born that way.


NOTE: The Palomar is open daily. You can see all availability (and reserve tables) directly HERE. Alternatively, for reservations of 7 or more people please either email or call 0207 439 8777.

The Palomar | 34 Rupert Street, Soho, London W1D 6DN

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The Palomar

34 Rupert Street, Soho, Central London, W1D 6DN
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0207 439 8777


10 / 10

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