The Spread Eagle ft. Club Mexicana | London's First 100% Vegan Pub
Club Mexicana at The Spread Eagle


Club Mexicana at The Spread Eagle

The Spread Eagle | London’s First All Vegan Pub

Generally speaking, most eagles aren’t vegan.

Which makes it all the more impressive that London now has one.

The brainchild of two master publicans and the reigning monarchs of vegan street food, Club Mexicana, it’s the first London pub where everything – from the food and drink down to the fixtures and fittings – has been sourced from sustainable, non-animal sources. Spruced up with midnight blue and copper accents, a hefty central bar and cosy wall seating, here’s how it breaks down…


With Club Mexicana helming the kitchen, you can expect all their Mexican-via-Californian street food classics, like the deep fried cheeze with Valentina hot sauce; smoky jackfruit tacos; and Californian-styled battered to-fish and chips served in a burrito. And on top of that, they’re also treating you to a boat-load of new dishes especially for the vegan pub crowd, like small plates of corn esquites or pan-seared ‘scallops’; al pastor-style tacos made with vegan pork; and the Mexican Fried Chicken torta smothered in chipotle mayonnaise. And since it’s all vegan, you can feel almost entirely guilt-free finishing off with a ‘Death by Taco’, an upsettingly delicious combination of deep fried taco, dipped in chocolate and nuts, stuffed with ice cream and salted caramel sauce. After which, you’ll no doubt be after…


Also 100% vegan. Which might not sound like a huge deal, until you learn that most wines and beers have ‘finings’ added at the end of the brewing process to improve clarity – ingredients which usually include gelatin or milk derivatives. So the drinks served here are all carefully chosen from vegan producers; including a rotating range of 16 beers on tap, a concise list of organic wines, and a swathe of cocktails.

Which, of course, contain no actual tails.


NOTE: The Spread Eagle is open Mon-Thurs 4-11pm, Fri 4pm-1am, Sat 12pm-2am, and Sun 12-10.30pm. You can find out more and book right HERE.

ALSO NOTE: They now serve a very good vegan brunch on weekends, 12-4pm. Book in and find the menu right HERE.

The Spread Eagle | 224 Homerton High Street, E9 6AS

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Club Mexicana at The Spread Eagle

224 Homerton High Street, Hackney, East London, E9 6AS
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020 8985 0400

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