Tiffany's Blue Box Cafe | You can now literally get Breakfast at Tiffany's...

You Can Now Literally Get Breakfast at Tiffany's

Tiffany’s Blue Box Cafe

Tiffany’s Blue Box Cafe | ♫ And I said what about Breakfast at Tiffany’s… ♫

A brief timeline of Breakfast at Tiffany’s:

1958Truman Capote publishes his novella to great fanfare & acclaim.

1961Audrey Hepburn knocks everyone’s socks off in the movie adaptation. It becomes instantly iconic. Over the intervening decades it turns into a cultural touchstone.

2017Some bright spark at Tiffany’s comes to the insane realisation that maybe, just maybe, they should actually, you know, serve breakfast.

And thus was born the Blue Box Cafe in Tiffany’s New York flagship store. And yes, every publication within biting distance of The Big Apple published the same headline as this article, and there were two-hour long queues running around the block every morning. It was a roaring success. Who could have guessed.

Well, now that success is coming to London. Tiffany’s have decided that their second Blue Box Cafe will be in Harrods, with plans to launch it in February this year. It’s going to have the same robin egg blue colour scheme as their famed turquoise boxes, so as to create “the illusion of dining inside one of Tiffany’s famed Blue Boxes”. And there will be breakfast.

The dishes will range from simple croissants (a la Holly Golightly), to truffle-eggs Florentine, caviar & pancakes, and Faroe-Islands smoked salmon. If you fancy getting other meals at Tiffany’s, then there’s lunch, afternoon tea, and even dinner too, with the likes of Central Park Salads, truffle roasted chicken, and cocktails to boot.

After which …you probably won’t go lightly.

NOTE: The Tiffany’s Blue Box Cafe is set to open on February 14th. You can currently make bookings from then until the 20th (although there are tables set aside for walk-ins) at their website right HERE.

Harrods | 87-135 Brompton Rd, SW1X 7XL

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Tiffany’s Blue Box Cafe

87-135 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, SW1X 7XL
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