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Timmy Green, Victoria

Timmy Green | All Day Antipodean Dining in Victoria

If you weren’t already aware, there’s a strong case for Aussies making the best coffee in the world.

Which means they could probably get away with anything when they serve up brunch.

At Timmy Green, however – part of the rapidly expanding and wildly popular Daisy Green empire – they’re not slacking. On the contrary: they’re serving brunch every day, plus lunch and dinner that takes its cue from Australian café culture.

Timmy Green

Housed in an airy, industrial-styled, double-height space in the NOVA building in Victoria (near to Rail House Cafe), Timmy Green is the place to head next time you’re craving avocado and labneh on charcoal bread, french toast with coconut and bee pollen, or broccoli and corn fritters with back bacon.

There is, however, plenty more on the menu besides breakfasty treats. Later in the day you can also swing by Timmy Green to sample the chicken, steaks and market fish they’re scorching on their Josper Grill; their Asian-styled salads, and their famous Mars Bar Cheesecake Ball (pretty much impossible to tackle solo). Like we said – they’re not slacking.

timmy green

And then there’s the drinks – their Beany Green coffee, of course, which you can sip at the al fresco bar; their fresh juices and smoothies (so healthy you can easily justify having three); their all-Aussie natural wine list; and the Timmy Green house cocktails. The latter come in the form of Bloody Mary jugs for brunch, or individual glasses throughout the day – including the Five-a-Daisy, within which they’ve somehow managed to bring spinach and vodka together in one receptacle.

It’s the spirit of good health.


NOTE: Timmy Green is open daily. You can find out more, and book a table, on their website HERE.

Timmy Green | 11 Sir Simon Milton Square, SW1E 5DJ

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Timmy Green, Victoria

11 Sir Simon Milton Square, Victoria, SW1E 5DJ

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