The Founders of Frieze Are Opening a Restaurant

So, the people who founded the vaunted Frieze art magazine and the festival that goes with it – Messirs Amanda Sharp & Matthew Slotover – have decided to open a restaurant.

But the name they’ve chosen is really quite curious. It seems it’s named after Alice Toklas, who was Gertrude Stein’s life partner, and who published a cookbook back in 1954 (The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook) which is most famous for including the first modern recipe for cannabis brownies. She describes them as “easy to whip up on a rainy day”. Somehow, it was published uncensored in the UK, and it helped to kickstart the ’60s counterculture interest in edibles. Peter Sellers even made a movie about it.

Like we said, curious.

As for this restaurant? Well, it’s going to be housed within 180 The Strand, the new venue owned by Soho House. It’s going to be pretty big if the plans are anything to go by, and in keeping with the latest fashion, it’s going to have and “expansive garden terrace” out the front for alfresco dining. The kitchen’s going to revolve around the large charcoal & wood grill, which will be scorching a lot of vegetables and fish with “less meat than normal” in a nod to the environment.

And there’d better be brownies for dessert.


NOTE: Toklas is due to open this summer. You can take a look at Frieze’s website and find out exactly nothing else about the restaurant from either, should you so please, right HERE.

Toklas | 180 Strand, WC2R 1EA

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180 Strand, Covent Garden, WC2R 1EA

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