Turnips X Tomas Lidakevicius

Turnips has been vending hyper-fresh fruit & veg to Borough Market punters for the past 30 years. They’re one of the reasons that Borough Market is Borough Market. And after three decades patiently biding their time, they decided that this was the moment to open a restaurant.

Well, two restaurants actually.

To help with both of them, they’ve enlisted the help of one Tomas Lidakevicius, the former executive chef over at Jason Atherton’s Michelin Starred City Social. His own chance encounter with the stall came when he helped out delivering food parcels to the venerable during lockdown – Turnips supplied his restaurant (and many other top-tier establishments), so he came down to personally pitch in. After a couple of thoroughly inspiring conversations with the owners, a plan was hatched.

Turnips X Tomas Lidakevicius

That plan is for Tomas to take whatever vegetables happen to have been pulled out of the ground that morning across the country, and artfully eke every molecule of vibrant flavour out of them for both Turnips’ casual eatery, and the more high-powered supperclub every evening. Starting with the former…


The more lightweight of the two concepts, Turnips Small Plates serves, you guessed it, small plates. And cocktails. Expect the likes of chilled purple radish with avocado & tuna tartare; heartily stuffed courgettes with Provence tomatoes; and tender beef rump with chimichurri sauce & pickled onion. That can all be washed down with their twist on the Pina colada (it involves Szechuan pepper), a fig-laced Negroni, and a lot more.


After the market closes, the supperclub will net you a full six-course tasting menu served up in a converted shipping container specially decked out for the occasion. The menu includes the likes of melting Mangalitza pork with white peach & Hispi cabbage, a 48hr short rib with Yorkshire beans; and something delightfully called ‘Torpedo watermelon’ with galangal & lemongrass.

Everything will of course change with the produce that comes in that day, meaning that you’re unlikely to see the same menu twice. After all, if there’s one thing you can say about Turnips…

…they know their onions.


NOTETurnips with Tomas Lidakevicius is open now in Borough Market. You can find out more, and make a booking for either their small plates kitchen (Weds-Sat) or supperclub (Thurs-Sat evenings) at their website right HERE.

Turnips | 43 Borough Market, SE1 9AH

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Turnips X Tomas Lidakevicius

43 Borough Market, Borough, SE1 9AH
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