Journey | An Experiential New Restaurant... With A Champagne Unicorn

Meet Pop, The Champagne-Puking Unicorn


Journey | Experiential Chelsea Restaurant

A brief primer on English folk beliefs:

1) There’s a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow.

2) A black cat crossing your path brings good luck.

3) Stroke a unicorn, and it’ll puke champagne.

The last of these is easily verifiable in the restaurant that’s about to descend on Chelsea. Or rather, slot in – you’ll find it nestled on the first floor of the old World’s End gin palace at the end of the King’s Road, above 1940s codebreaking-themed bar The Bletchley, and below a new dedicated espresso martini bar and roof terrace, Chelsea Black.

It’s the next venture from the team behind The Grid and ABQ (the bar with a Breaking Bad RV cocktail lab inside it), who are no strangers to making experiential bars and restaurants. As the centrepiece of their triple-storeyed house of fun, Journey will be a restaurant serving a series of tasting menus – comprising four dishes and four paired cocktails – in collaboration with the Disappearing Dining Club crew (who basically pioneered the communal supper club movement almost ten years ago).

Journey chelsea restaurant

Each menu will take a jaunt around the globe along a well-trodden path, from the Silk Road trading route (passing through China, Pakistan, India and the Mediterranean) to the Eastern Bloc (taking in the Baltics, Poland and Russia). Along the way, your tastebuds will be treated to the likes of Bloody Mary oysters, Punjabi spiced mussels, and Baltic beetroot mousse with citrus and truffle (with all-vegan options available, too).

Behind the teal-tiled bar is former Soho House head bartender Kestas Stirba, who’ll be sending out paired drinks throughout your menu as well as handling that rare, mythical beast, Chelsea Pop – the wall-mounted unicorn. And yes, he pukes champagne.

That’s why he’s kept behind bars.


NOTE: Journey is set to open on October 15th. The experience costs £60pp, and you can book right HERE

Journey | 459 King’s Road, SW10 0LR

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459 King’s Road, Chelsea, SW10 0LR


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