VARDO | Caravan's new concept venue with fully retractable glass walls

Caravan's next restaurant will have a very nifty new concept...


VARDO | Caravan take you on a trip

The next venue from the caffeine-merchants at Caravan is going to create a lot of buzz.

It’ll be their first West London spot (joining five others across the north, east, and south of the city) and you’ll find it in the Duke of York’s Square over in Chelsea. And, coffee aside, it’s a pretty striking concept.

It’ll be a completely new structure, taking the shape of a three-storey stone and glass pavilion with 360-degree wall-to-floor glazing that fully retracts into the floor, to open up to the vast terrace. That means that in warmer weather it’ll be able to create a “seamless indoor-outdoor experience”, while in cold weather – thanks to the glass – it’ll still kind of feel like you’re outside. Only cozy.

Caravan King's Cross - brunch London

On the menu, you can expect all manner of third-wave coffee to go with dishes like green baked eggs with lentil ragu, cumin yoghurt, and charred pepper salsa; some baharat rubbed lamb cutlets with green harissa & tahini; and charred aubergines with saffron buttermilk dressing & grilled Turkish chilli.

Oh, and the name? It’s a reference to the old Romani travelling wagons of the 1800s that would travel the world “collecting produce, spices and inspiration along the way.” Making them a bit like…

…a caravan.

NOTE: VARDO is due to open this Autumn. You can find out more at Caravan’s website right HERE.


VARDO | Duke of York Square, SW3 4LY

Like to get a sneak preview of the food? Check out Caravan King’s Cross


Duke of York Square, Chelsea, SW3 4LY


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