Voodoo Ray's | Giant Pizza Slices and Underground Cocktails in Dalston

Voodoo Ray’s

Voodoo Ray’s

Voodoo Ray’s | Dalston Pizza Restaurant

Gaudy neon signs.

Excellent at drawing late-night revellers into Soho’s seedy entertainment venues, it seems they’re also pretty good at tempting peckish Dalstonites in for a slice.

But with good reason.

For beyond the newly-illuminated “Voodoo Ray’s” sign on the Kingsland Road lie the concrete walls, wooden benches, white tiles and exposed bulbs of Dalston’s new late night, laid back pizza joint (which is, coincidentally, called Voodoo Ray’s).

Dolling out a selection of international beers, frozen margaritas and 22-inch pizzas from an open plan kitchen, Ray’s has brought a slice of New York to the ravenous revellers of East London. The pizzas – all thin crispy bases, lashings of gooey cheese and imaginative toppings – are the ultimate in comfort food.

So good, they’re bad…. and vice-versa.

You can get stuck into a classic Buffalo Margherita or instead go off-road with a Shrooms! (wild mushroom, roasted butternut squash, red onion talleggio), or a Porky’s (Cumberland sausage, stiliton, red onion, flat leaf parsley). Or if you arrive after midnight (which, let’s be honest, is likely) then you’ll be invited to try the Full Moon Slice, which combines tomato and mozzarella with mayo and ‘bacon dust’.

Hmmm, bacon dust….

And even better? There’s now a full on, Tokyo-style cocktail bar downstairs…


Voodoo Ray’s | 117 Kingsland High Street, E8 2PB

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Voodoo Ray’s

117 Kingsland High Street, Dalston, The City and East London, E8 2PB
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7.5 / 10

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