Neil Frame 04/09/20

Walter and Monty

Walter and Monty | Great Grill Spot Next To The Gherkin

PLEASE NOTE: Walter & Monty is closed for a little while.

Set in a light, airy, high-ceiling space at the foot of the Gherkin, this grill restaurant boasts an alarmingly large single-slab marble countertop, from which you’ll construct your South American-style midday meal.

First off, you’ll choose your salads from the myriad fresh platefuls of the stuff in front of you. Then, you’ll decide what you want with that salad from the grill, be it top sirloin beef pichanha, boneless leg of lamb, skin-on chicken thighs, or halloumi. Then you can get all of that covered in one of their in-house sauces (chilli & lime, white BBQ, garlic & feta, etc.) then get it wrapped, or put into a box.

Walter & Monty

Of course if you feel like, oh, maybe sitting down in this restaurant, you can do that too. They’ve thrown in good scattering of wooden tables & chairs, and there’s a tempting little bar at the back, too. And if all of this sounds like it’s working towards dinner, you wouldn’t be wrong; they’ve arranged for a few regular Lates at which you can score larger dishes and cocktails.

And last but not least? Or, rather, first? They serve breakfast from that bar, too. You’ll find bagels, pastries, croissants, and more.

In short, they do the full Monty.


NOTE: Walter and Monty has closed.

Walter and Monty | Bury Court, EC3A 7BA

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Walter and Monty

Bury Court, Liverpool Street, The, EC3A 7BA

020 7283 6666

8.0 | Great