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NOTE: Sadly, Xu has now closed.

We could have probably predicted that the next restaurant from the BAO team would be Taiwanese.

There were plenty of red flags.

But we didn’t, and it was. However instead of focussing on its famous steamed buns, the owners decided to take a broader approach to Taiwan’s cuisine via a considerably longer menu; a more elegant ’30s-style space; and – yes – the ability to book….

In contrast to BAO’s clean minimalist interiors, XU boasts sleek, dark wood-panelled walls stretching over two floors. Downstairs, there’s a fairly hard-to-miss emerald green tea counter, where you can sip on expertly prepared, competition-grade tea in hot and cold brews (more on that later), which is mirrored upstairs by a more petite but even better-looking blush pink marble dining bar. From that bar you can get into,



You’ll find dishes like Shengjian 40-day short-rib pancakes; braised goose; pan-fried Taiwanese dumplings; diced Mangalitza pork ribs mixed into a blend of rice & spices – and even a herb-stuffed chicken served whole, with the head still attached, which you’ll get special gloves with which to tear it apart. Then, you’ll be in the mood for,



They’ve got a big-time focus on tea here, with all of it imported from Taiwan, including high Jade Mountain tea, hand-picked Assam tea, cold-brew sparkling Hong Yu tea… the list goes on. And you can get some leaves to go if you want. But if you’re in the market for something a little stronger, they’ve got seasonal cocktails which are available ‘omakase’ style at the bar, meaning you bartender will simply mix drink after drink until you say when. Finally there are,


There are two – both on the ground floor. They seat 4 each, and they’re filled with mahogany panelling, hand painted murals, and marble chandeliers….

Just a little light decoration.


NOTE: Sadly, Xu has now closed.

XU | 30 Rupert Street, W1D 1DL

Why not whet your appetite over at BAO in Soho and Fitzrovia



30 Rupert Street, Soho, Central London, W1D 1DL

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