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Zelman Meats

Zelman Meats | Soho Steakhouse

When it comes to steak places, the truly well-done ones are rare.

Zelman Meats is such a place.

You’ll find their Soho branch down an alleyway, beckoning you in with leather banquette booth seating, flashes of neon, and dark, moody, lighting. It’s a steakhouse through-and-through. There’s an open kitchen proudly displaying the cuts they cook in raw, un-scorched form. Your waiter will happily talk you through them.

Zelman Meats

And when you order? Instead of, ugh, having to go through the rigmarole of choosing which of those cuts to get (and inevitably compromising)… what you should really go for is the Zelman Plate: all the cuts on one plate. They include,

  • Fillet from the UK
  • Sirloin from Canada
  • Rib-eye from Australia
  • USDA Picanha

They’ll all be explained, and sided by sauces of your choice. Of course, the place also has starters (tiger prawn tempura with sriracha mayo), sides (paprika-roasted cauliflower) and drinks ranging from inventive cocktails to meat-friendly wines. But they’re all just a prelude…

…until you step up to the Plate.


NOTE: Zelman Meats Soho is open daily for lunch and dinner. You can find out more, and book a table, HERE.

Zelman Meats Soho | 2 St Anne’s Court, W1F 0AZ

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Zelman Meats

2 St Anne's Court, Soho, W1F 0AZ
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