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A Pinch Of VAULT

A Pinch of VAULT | 4 weeks and 60 shows of comedy and theatre 

Good news for those that miss VAULT Festival, or missed it entirely…

A Pinch of VAULT, aka mini VAULT Festival, is back at ‘artsy café, bar & unique creative space’ The Glitch until the 18th of June. 

Like its big brother, the festival is an all out feast of the performing arts with many of the country’s on-the-rise stage talent – both comics and theatre acts – trying out work-in-progress and debut shows. Hence the ‘A Pinch of VAULT’ name. Although it’s on a lesser scale to VAULT, pinch is no small fry – there’s a whopping 60 shows in total, with comedy taking precedence for the first half of the festival (until June 4)  and theatre thereafter from the 6-18 June. Needless to say, there’s a bit going on, but here’s a few highlights that we’ve done our best to pick out from both sides: 

A Pinch of Vault

Image: Karla Gowlett Photography (Amy Webber)

On the funny side, the comedy, you’ve ‘quiet man’ Nick Everitt taking the mickey out of himself for an hour; Amy Webber, who holds a degree (in opera) but needs a job; Cockroach (a drag king trio) who mischievously say to expect ‘sexual tension and the occasional emu’; Jake Baker, who suggests that caring can be creepy; and Omar Badawy, who opens up on his Egypt/Cambridge heritage that apparently make him sound like a ‘posh terrorist’. 

On the slightly more serious side, theatre fans can count on Son of a Bitch, Anna Morris‘ production centred on a mum that really doesn’t like her son; Active B!tch Face Theatre’s Violence Circumstances, which exposes experiences of women’s everyday struggles with sexism; and I was a Teenage Bisexual, a daring new show from New Writing Award-winner Polis Loizou, who compares his teen years as a bisexual man to a ‘horror b-movie’, with some folklore and poetry thrown in too.

If you didn’t catch the unfortunate announcement that after 11 years, VAULT Festival would have to find a new home away from its subterranean playground in the tunnels under the arches of Leak Street, then A Pinch of VAULT will also double as a means of helping it get back on its feet. Funds raised from this will go towards ensuring the big fish’s survival with organisers hopeful of finding a new venue for 2024’s edition. Fingers crossed for them. All in all, tickets are on sale now and if you had a particular show in mind, it might be a good idea to lock those in. 

Just to be on the safe side…


NOTE: A Pinch of VAULT is running until Sunday 18th of June. You check the full schedule of events and book tickets on their website, right here

The Glitch | 34 Lower Marsh, London SE1 7AE

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A Pinch Of VAULT

134 Lower Marsh, Waterloo, SE1 7AE
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