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Alice's Adventures Underground


You don’t have to be mad to work there, but it helps.

As will be evident from the very start of your visit to the returning Alice’s Adventures Underground, the Olivier-nominated immersive spectacle from Les Enfants Terribles. It’s back in a more psychedelic, nonsensical and fast-paced incarnation than ever before, with more spaces to explore, more characters to meet, and more reasons to be off with their heads.

Back in its home in the labyrinthine network of tunnels beneath Waterloo Station, you’ll need to make your way through the ramshackle study of a certain Mr. Carroll, before reaching the outskirts of Wonderland. Here, you’ll choose between Eat Me and Drink Me to start on your unique path, whether it’s joining the resistance against the Queen of Hearts’ no-nonsense regime, or conniving with frogs to track down revolutionaries.

To imagine what it’s like, just think back to the last time you smoked with caterpillars, watched it rain underground, blew an egg (you’ll see what we mean), shared a clandestine conversation with a French lizard, took tea with a narcoleptic dormouse and had a drink with a living, breathing chess piece with a ludicrously large codpiece.

It’s a bit like that.

And if you make it through with your head intact, you’ll be able to kick back in the watercolour warren that is the Wonderland bar; filled with flamingo croquet and secretive alcoves in which to enjoy experimental cocktails from Smith and Sinclair, guilty pleasure street food from Saucy Chip and espresso martinis on tap.

Which you don’t have to have. But they also help.


NOTE: Alice’s Adventures Underground runs until 23rd September 2017 at The Vaults. Tickets start from £39, but U26s can get £25 tickets for the first entry times Tuesday-Thursday. There’s also a kids’ show, Alice in Wonderland, on in the mornings.

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Alice’s Adventures Underground 2017

The Vaults, Launcelot Street Entrance, Waterloo, South London, SE1 7NN

0844 248 1125

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