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Jason Allen 17/03/23

Dinner. Cocktails. Live Music. And Some Delightful Surprises...

PLEASE NOTE: This event has now taken place.

A few weeks ago, just over a hundred Nudge Members escaped the daily grind for An Evening of Seasonal Indulgence: a multi-course, seasonal feast with a live choir; wonderful wines; a harpist; excellent cocktails; and some other rather delightful surprises.

In fact, the only thing that wasn’t indulgent… was the fact that it took place for one night only.

So in excellent news for anyone who missed out (and for anyone who, understandably, might like to revisit), B&H Buildings will once more be laying on this seasonal spectacle, for Nudge Members only, on Friday 5th May.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of a lazy brunch or a romantic dinner at B&H, then A) it’s basically a bit like an abandoned, plant-filled townhouse owned by an eccentric millionaire who’s deliberately let the garden slowly overtake the house, and B) you should almost certainly come to this celebratory soirée and see it all for yourself.

Should you join us, your evening will start with a thoroughly entertaining toastmaster asking you (and everyone else) to close your eyes and say a grace of thanks for the season’s produce – and while this happens, that choir of 25 singers will quietly emerge from all covers of the restaurant & bar, and slowly start to sing.

an evening of seasonal indulgence

After that, each course (of which there will be several) will be accompanied by a different piece of live music or entertainment, from a harpist to a full-on brass band. Those courses will be coming to you courtesy of B&H’s exceedingly talented and experienced executive chef: Matthew Harris, who’s overseen the kitchens at esteemed eateries such as Bellanger and the excellent Noble Rot (and whose fine work is going to be buttressed by a specialist wine steward).

An evening of Seasonal Indulgence

Each course promises to be an experience of its own. During one, the room will be sprayed with a scent to enhance the taste of the dish; while during another there’ll be pyrotechnics. Basically it’s all rather creative and fun, and by the end everyone will be standing and singing.

Maybe even you.


PREVIOUS NUDGE MEMBER EXCLUSIVE: This event was for Nudge Members only. Tickets were £49, and included a cocktail flight, multi-course menu (4-5 courses), and all entertainment & music.

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Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings | 42 Northampton Road, EC1R 0HU

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An Evening of Seasonal Indulgence

Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings, 42 Northampton Road, Clerkenwell, EC1R 0HU