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Jason Allen 28/11/17

Angler’s Truffle Menu

Angler’s Truffle Menu

Hunting for truffles requires either,

1) A specially trained (and specifically female) truffle hog

2) A rare Italian breed of retriever known as a ‘Lagotto Romagnolo’

3) A reservation at Angler

And while we don’t want to presume which method is easiest for you, we will just take the time to talk about the new truffle menu at Angler; the Michelin-Starred jewel in the crown of the South Place Hotel, with its mirror-laden ceiling, crisp white tablecloths, and top-floor vistas over the city.

The menu itself is a magnificent five course affair, (not counting the snacks you’ll get as you sit down), that takes your tongue on an umami-loaded journey starting with aged beef broth with steamed buns and black truffle cream. You’ll then move on to some hand-rolled spaghetti with aged parmesan and black winter truffles. Then, the Dover Sole arrives, decorated with smoked shallots and some more of those black winter truffles.

After that, the meaty, rich earthiness pivots to something a little sweeter, with a little Vacherin Mont d’Or cheese served up with honeycomb, pear, and black winter truffles, before a final hit of creamed Koshihikari rice with pumpkin, gingerbread and truffle. And after all that…

…you won’t have mushroom for anything else.

NOTE: The truffle menu at Angler is available now. You can see the full menu HERE, and make a reservation at their website right HERE.


Angler | 3 South Place, The City, London EC2M 2AF

Have a truffle of your own? Then head on over to Bocca di Lupo and get it cleaned & shaved for you…

Angler’s Truffle Menu

3 South Place, The City, The City and East London, EC2M 2AF

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