Backyard Cinema: The Christmas Labyrinth | A Cinema Hidden In A Maze
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Backyard Cinema: The Christmas Labyrinth

Backyard Cinema: The Christmas Labyrinth

Backyard Cinema: The Christmas Labyrinth | Festive Pop Up Cinema

Christmas gardens can be tricky to maintain.

They require constant hoe, hoe, hoeing.

So it’s understandable that Backyard Cinema – London’s preeminent themed, roving cinema – has found its festive edition trapped at the heart of a 3,000sq ft, ultra-magical, fairylit woodland maze.

Specifically, you’ll find it (or at least attempt to) at this year’s Winterville on Clapham Common, where it features alongside other typical festive entertainments like ice rinks, mulled wine chalets, and Mexican wrestling contests.

Backyard Cinema The Christmas Labyrinth

On your way through the maze, you’ll meet with plenty of surprises en route, from singing statues to hidden tequila bars – all before making your way to the centre and pitching up at the retro Christmas cabaret bar, where there’ll be live performances, cocktails and festive snacks by way of pre-film entertainment. Then, when you’re ready, you’ll make your way into the screening room, grab a blanket, and settle into one of their famous giant beanbags.

They’re going to be screening classic festive flicks (like Elf, Home Alone and It’s A Wonderful Life), singalong nights (like Moulin Rouge and Beauty and the Beast) and a couple of wildcards (The Wizard of Oz, Bridget Jones’ Diary) across two full-sized rooms, making it their biggest pop up to date…

… just make sure you leave plenty of time to actually find them.


NOTE: Backyard Cinema: The Christmas Labyrinth will be at Winterville on Clapham Common from 15th November. Tickets start at £18.98, and are available now HERE.

Backyard Cinema: The Christmas Labyrinth | Winterville, Clapham Common, SW4 9DE

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Backyard Cinema: The Christmas Labyrinth

Inside Winterville, Clapham Common, Clapham, South London, SW4 9DE


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