Islington's Getting A New, Brain-Melting Crazy Golf Course

They say running a crazy golf course means you have no drive.

But the people who run Birdies certainly do. And we’ll see it on full show when they open their latest, largest, most ambitious course up in Islington this summer.

In case you haven’t had the brain-melting pleasure of visiting the original Birdies location down in Battersea, it’s a giant, colourful, whimsically fun 9-hole putt-shredding course designed to derail your senses with a mix of pressure pads; rapid lighting; jump ramps; and (seemingly) never-ending tunnels.

This new venue will be housed in the Angel Central centre on Upper Street, where it’ll take up a hefty 5,558 square feet of space filled with “experimental escapes and immersive obstacles”. And although it’s tempting to assume that they’re using the word ‘immersive’ here as a throwaway buzzword, this being Birdies, it’s entirely possible that they’ve got something remarkable up their sleeves.

As for the food & drink? You can naturally expect a neon-soaked bar for on-theme cocktails, as well as an as-yet-unnamed street food slinger to help provide the ballast. But given the pedigree of the food at Battersea (the award-winning Cheeky Burger, no less)…

…you can expect it to be well above par.


NOTE: Birdies Islington is set to open in summer 2022. We’ll be back then with the full scoop. In the meantime, you can find out more at their website right HERE.

Birdies Islington | 21 Parkfield St, N1 0PS

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Birdies Islington

21 Parkfield St, Islington, N1 0PS

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