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Hattie Lloyd 30/10/17



Hip Hop RnB Bingo is here.

And you can be assured that it’s going to feature two phat ladies.

It’s from the team behind the ACDC-soundtracked Bogan Bingo, and now they’re popping up in venues like Prince of Wales Brixton and Proud Camden with a hip-hop heavy, 24 carat bingo night, where you can expect:


…Obviously. Less obviously, however, it’s hosted by a trio of energetic compères (including a certain Grandma Flash) sporting a fetching combination of OAP bingo hall chic and giant gold chains, who’ll bolster the usual number-calling proceedings with more jokes and innuendo than you could fit in a pair of Eminem’s trousers.


Besides the fierce competition for the top bingo prizes – previous ones of note include a gold power drill and a sweet Jägermeister-branded freezer – you can tackle the competition head on with epic lip-sync battles and dance-offs throughout the evening.


And once the bingo itself wraps up, there’ll be DJ’s on the decks spinning 90s R&B and hip hop to see the night out, as you throw some shapes on the dancefloor.

So if someone calls you a square, you must be doing it right.


NOTE: Blingo takes place at least once a month in a variety of locations. Take a look at their website to find upcoming events.

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