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Jason Allen 26/09/17

Brixton Oktoberfest

Brixton Oktoberfest

The booze at Oktoberfests is the best.

As for the food? You have to assume the wurst.

And thankfully, that’s a pretty safe assumption to make at Brixton’s Oktoberfest, which is taking place on the heated, covered Brixton Jamm in – you guessed it – October. So what are they going to be packing into this brew-blowout? Well…


Sure, they’ve got huge steins of beer served to you by Lederhosen-clad waiters and waitresses from the biggest selection of craft beers south of the river. Big whoop. But what other Oktoberfests don’t have is HUGE STEINS OF COCKTAILS.


As we mentioned, there are wursts, courtesy of sausage-slingers Herman Ze German. You’ll also find Freewheelin’ Pizza, who will furnish you with a thoroughly Germanic pizza topping.


You can take in a round of Bavarian beer stein pong, indulge in a little ‘Pass ze Parcel’, and more.


There’s a Berlin-themed techno room. So if the oompah band or the DJs playing in the main area don’t do it for you, you can always retire here to listen to…

…draught punk?

NOTE: The Brixton Oktoberfest takes place on Saturdays 6th, 13th and 20th October at the Brixton Jamm. Tickets are £5-£20, and you can get them right HERE.

Brixton Jamm | 261 Brixton Rd, SW9 6LH

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Brixton Oktoberfest

Brixton Jamm, 261 Brixton Rd, Brixton, South London, SW9 6LH

020 7733 3709