Brockwell Lido | Beautiful 30s-era Open Air Pool In Brixton

Brockwell Lido

Brockwell Lido

Brockwell Lido | 30s Open-Air Pool

We could tell you there were no great outdoor swimming pools south of the river…

That would be a lido.

There’s one in Brixton, in Brockwell Park – close to Herne Hill overground if we’re being exact.

Brockwell Lido is an Olympic-sized unheated swimming pool, that after 80 years of business (it opened back in 1937) has become something of a South London institution.

Whether you’re a dedicated all-seasons swimmer, or your only dedication is waking up early on a suggested heat wave with an extra large towel and a picnic breakfast, lunch, and dinner, if you’re a South Londoner you’ve paid your six quid and made a visit.

The pool’s also surrounded by a Grade II listed art deco building in which you’ll find a fully-equipped gym; fitness studios for spin classes, body pump, pilates, and more; a spa area with a sauna, steam room and jacuzzi; and The Lido Cafe.

Brockwell Lido

It’s actually a really nice space – it’s bright and airy, and full of plants. Plus they have a café and terrace that looks over the pool for mid-summer al fresco dining. Headed up by local pizza team 400 Rabbits, it’s open for breakfast until about three, seven days a week, serving brunch food – toasted banana bread, smashed avocado, and shakshuka. It’s the perfect post-swim hunger-sater, and not too heavy…

…so you’re not left front crawling home.


NOTE: Brockwell Lido opening times vary according to the time of year, but see them all in full, plus entry fees, on their website here.

Brockwell Lido | Brockwell Park, Dulwich Road, SE24 0PA

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Brockwell Lido

Brockwell Park, Dulwich Road, Herne Hill, SE24 0PA
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