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Jason Allen 27/11/18

Callooh Callay Have Brought Back Their Iconic Stickerbook Menu

Callooh Callay | O Frabjous Day

Great cocktail bars will never get old.

Metaphorically, of course.

Because Callooh Callay – which has had awards practically thrown at it over the years – is actually enjoying the laurels of its impressively sustained success by ringing in its 10th birthday this month. Among the various celebrations, you can expect one particularly important thing –

They’re bringing back they iconic Sticker Book menu for one week only. Callooh Callay have always been good with their bar menus. In fact, back in 2012 one of the menu awards thrown at the place was “World’s Best Cocktail Menu” at the Spirited Awards (which are, essentially, the Oscars of the bar world). They’ve since created menus styled like IKEA instructions, Pantone catalogues, and most importantly, Panini Sticker Books.

Callooh Callay

Inside your menu (which is yours to take home) there are five cocktails listed, each with a blank spot for a sticker. Order a drink, and get a sticker. Complete the album, and you get a prize. The drinks are all throwback from the 2015 menu, and include classics like the Harrison Fords (Fords gin, Lady Grey syrup, apricot liqueur, lemon) and the Popeye & Olive Oil which blends vodka, vermouth, spinach & pine nut orgeat, lemon, sugar, and – you guessed it…

…olive oil.

NOTE: Callooh Callay’s 10th anniversary Sticker Book menu is available from the 26th November until 2nd December. You can find out more at their website right HERE.

Callooh Callay | 65 Rivington St, EC2A 3AY

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Callooh Callay

65 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, The City and East London, EC2A 3AY

020 7739 4781