The Candlelight Club | Halloween Ball, 2018 | A Secret '20s Shindig...
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Candlelight Club’s Halloween Ball

Candlelight Club’s Halloween Ball

The Candlelight Club’s Halloween Ball | Wax On, Wax Off, Wax Everywhere

When it comes to going out, you can’t beat a good candle.

So a club entirely filled with them should hold some merit when it comes to a decent evening. And we’re happy to report that The Candlelight Club provides exactly that. And maybe a little bit more. You see, it’s an ever-moving, jazz-fuelled, ’20s-style, raucously entertaining shindig taking place in secret – and surprisingly large – venues throughout the capital which they organisers fill with candles as the (almost) sole source of illumination.

Only this Halloween, those candles will be mostly housed in pumpkins.

And that’s not all they’re doing to spruce up the place. You can also expect fortune telling, mind-reading, spooky burlesque, a string quartet playing horror movie themes, and more to join them. It’ll all being hosted by Champagne Charlie and his Bubbly Boys who’ll regale you with live music throughout as well as MC-ing proceedings as you witness two cabaret variety shows, some hula action from Polly Hoops, and DJ-ing courtesy of the retro-swinging outfit the Bees Knees.

Who have quite a buzz about them.

NOTE: The Candlelight Club’s Halloween Ball takes place on Saturday October 27th at a secret location. You can get tickets (£30) and find out more right HERE.

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The Candlelight Club | Secret London Venue

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