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Go Karting Inside A Computer Game

Chaos Karts |  Electric Go-Karting, In Shoreditch

So back in April 2020 when we were all toying with – and ultimately rejecting – the idea of baking the world’s best sourdough, Tom Lionetti-Maquire (founder of the Crystal Maze Experience) decided that instead of learning how to knit, doing PE with Joe Wicks and drinking excessively for the next year, he’d make an actual real life version of Mario Kart.

Within a few months he had a working concept – bespoke electric go karts with a gun positioned on the front that could be raced around a live computer game simulation located inside a huge, darkened indoor venue. So he invited a few potential backers to come along, put them into their karts and let them race around a (technically unlimited) number of digitally-projected levels. Long story short is that they all loved it, and Chaos Karts was off to the races before you’d even completed Tiger King. And now, having secured a 15,000 sq ft indoor venue in the heart of Shoreditch, you can be off to the races too – because it’s opening to the public on 15th August 2021.

This is a cartoon. You’ll be racing actual people.

The full experience (which you can book into solo, or with up to seven friends at a time) lasts for an hour and fifteen minutes, with 30 minutes of driving, and will see you racing around in a kart that produces real life sensations according to its interactions with the digitally-projected course around it (including the power ups you collect, and the weapons you fire). The risk of crashing into other karts, however, is apparently so negligible – thanks to in built anti-collision technology that slows you down before any contact occurs – that despite driving at speeds of up to 30 kph, no safety gear at all is required…

So no helmet hair on your next date.

NOTE: Chaos Karts opens to the public on Saturday 14th August. It’s appropriate for anyone over the age of 13 years old and tickets, which range in price from £30 to £55, are now on sale HERE

Chaos Karts

Fleet Street Hill , Bethnal Green, Bethnal Green,
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