Antiques, Sachertorte & Kune Kune Pigs

Itinerary Location: Islington |  Duration: 5 Hours

Thinking about spending a lazy Sunday in Islington?

Your day of rest has never looked so busy.

Because today you’re taking in London’s other antiques street, feasting on Austrian patisserie, perusing the stalls at a long-standing market, and making the acquaintance of several cows. And while that may sound like a lot, rest assured that you’re going to be left feeling relaxed AF, and without breaking the bank, either.

Your journey begins at…


camden passage

Ungry Young Man/Flickr

This is a Sunday so chilled that you’re not even rushing to keep a brunch appointment. Instead, give yourself the opportunity to idle a little en route by meandering along pedestrianised Camden Passage, browsing the antique stalls and shops. The main flea market days here are Wednesday and Saturday, but on Sundays you’ll still find occasional tables laid out with full sets of Victorian cutlery, vintage cameras and silver jewellery. Allow yourself to dip into modern homeware stores Haygen and In-Residence; pick up some 1930s sherry glasses in eclectic emporia like Kaveh’s and Modern Times; and find yourself almost persuaded to take up knitting by the beautiful Loop.

A little way along, you’ll come to…

➋ KIPFERL | 10:45am


An hour in this Austrian restaurant and patisserie works magic on your soul. The breakfast menu at Kipferl has all the delicious salty stodge you could possibly need to fight off any lingering hangover, including mountain cheese omelettes and stir-fries of potatoes, onions, eggs and bacon. If sugar is more your bag, there’s chocolate Sachertorte, vegan apple cake and plenty more besides from the pastry counter.

Newly full of pep, you’ll practically bound back along Camden Passage and down Upper Street towards Chapel Market.


Islington Farmers Market

On Sundays, Islington Farmers’ Market takes over this street, and it’s here you’re going to load up with snacks to keep you going when energy levels start to dip. There are nearly 40 stalls, most offering plenty to sample. If you’re not careful, you’ll come away with a bag stuffed with Somerset brie, heirloom tomatoes, vegan muffins, Kent cherries, sloe gin, venison sausages and bottles of hibiscus and lavender kombucha.

Now take that kombucha for a stroll up Liverpool Road for 20 minutes or so towards…



At Freightliners City Farm you’ll discover the truism that time spent with a Kunekune pig is never wasted. The free-to-enter, community-led space is home to a number of rare-breed animals, including cows, goats, sheep and poultry. It’s a lovely little slice of the countryside, just moments from Holloway Road.

There’s a café here, serving veggie food making use of the produce grown on-site, or you could take your farmers’ market loot to Paradise Park, just behind the farm. The huge expanse of grass here means it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll find a picnic spot, even at weekends, and there are outdoor chess tables here where you can challenge the local dons to a match…

…before realising that you only remember that opening step off The Queen’s Gambit, and can’t remember what weird move the horses make.


The Itinerary:

Camden Passage | Camden Passage, London N1 8EA

Kipferl | 20 Camden Passage, London N1 8ED | Book a table

 Islington Farmers’ Market | Chapel Market, London N1 9PZ | Sundays 10am-2pm

Freightliners City Farm | Sheringham Road, London N7 8PF | Open Thursday – Monday, closes 3pm

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Itinerary: An Easy Sunday In Islington

Starts at Camden Passage, Islington, N1 8EA