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Published 16/03/20

A Cinema, Hidden In A Laundrette

Backyard Cinema: Paradise City | A cinema hidden in a laundrette

(Note: In order to combat Cornoavirus, Backyard Cinema has temporarily ceased operations, with a plan to reopen as soon as possible)

As laundrettes go, the one at Paradise City has a few pros and cons:

Cons: It has no detergent, no baskets, and no functioning washing machines.

Pros: It’s got a cinema hidden in it.

And not just any cinema. No, this one comes to us from the people at Backyard Cinema, who have a penchant for creating movie-watching venues with highly creative, and beautifully executed themes. They opened up their first permanent venue late last year (it’s set inside a huge former TV studio down in Wandsworth) and dressed it up as an enchanted woodland hidden behind a wardrobe. Now, they’ve decided to do a little spring cleaning and put the next incarnation of their auditorium – which they’ve teamed Paradise City – behind a laundrette.

It sounds like it’ll be some good, clean entertainment.

Walk in, and you’ll find yourself in a typical Tokyo laundrette. Find the right machine, and you’ll be able to swing it open to reveal the labyrinth-like path down to Paradise City. That path, by the way, is promised to be decked out like a “multi-sensory dreamworld”, the specifics of which they’re keeping hush-hush – although the previous theme did included a “ballpit river”, which is precisely what you want to be fording when you’re late for a movie.

If you happen to be on time or even early for your flick, you can enjoy the rich neon Paradise City decor, and the cocktail lounge at the back of the screening room (open throughout the films)  with mixed drinks literally on tap. And outside the venue, they also have an actual back yard, with a drinks terrace, food from Honest Burgers & Mother Cluckers, and even some live music on weekends.

Wandsworth Backyard Cinema Capital Studios

Oh, and one more little detail: the films. As of late April, they’re screening new flicks like Toy Story 4, The live action Lion King, and Yesterday, alongside classics like Pretty Woman and School of Rock. And to boot, they’re running more than a dozen sing-a-long screenings of films like The Greatest Showman, Rocketman, Grease, Pitch Perfect, and more.You can even practice for the show in their karaoke booths.

Yes, they have karaoke booths. 


NOTE:  In order to combat Cornoavirus, Backyard Cinema has temporarily ceased operations, with a plan to reopen as soon as possible. Their new season was due to start on April 17th, and run until May 3rd, but they’re begun issuing refunds. You can find out more right HERE.

ALSO NOTE: The photos of the laundrette and the feathery corridor are part of Backyard Cinema’s mood board for their next incarnation – we’ll have some pics of the real thing as soon as they’re up and running.

Backyard Cinema: Capital Studios | 13 Wandsworth Plain, SW18 1ET

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Backyard Cinema: Capital Studios

13 Wandsworth Plain, Wandsworth, SW18 1ET
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