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Hattie Lloyd 15/05/18

Fora X Clerkenwell Design Week

Fora X Clerkenwell Design Week | Partner Content

If we could have your attention Fora moment…

…you’ll be pleasantly rewarded with a little light creative stimulation.

You see, we’re going to tell you a couple of things about Clerkenwell Design Week, which takes place from 22nd-24th of May.

1) It lasts for three days and not – as you might have anticipated – for a week.  And,

2) Some of the festival’s best, and more interesting events will be held by beautiful-yet-highly-functional workspace provider Fora.

You see, Fora are going to take advantage of their two Clerkenwell-based spaces (which, honestly, almost seem more like hotels than workspaces) to give some of the era’s more exceptionally talented designers a suitably innovation-driven platform to showcase their ideas. Here are a few of the events you can expect:

TUESDAY 22nd May

Full Immersion Wellness Technology, which is a new product launch by Orrb (a ‘gymnasium for the mind’) designer Lee McCormack followed by a chance to experience the new fully immersive product environment. There’ll also be a handy sleep pod designed by them in the café area.


Magnum Photos Presents: Photography & Place, in which the legendary photographic agency’s Global Cultural Director Sophie Wright will show you different approaches to documenting the spirit of a place with photography. It’ll coincide with a display of Magnum’s Live Lab London in Fora; a three-photographer residency project about the Clerkenwell area.

IP Seminar with Anti Copying in Design (ACID), where you can learn the basics of intellectual property, how to protect, maximise and commercialise your designs, and more.

In conversation with Petite Friture, a talk from the cutting-edge design house’s founder Amélie du Passage, and the designer of its innovative ‘Chains’ lighting, Sylvain Willenz. They’ll be discussing how to nurture design talent, and there’ll even be a Petite Friture’s installation in the workspace’s restaurant, bar, and concierge areas.


Balance Talks: Wellbeing in the Workplace, in which wellness gurus Balance Magazine will discuss why, when and how to implement wellness in the workplace and encourage employees to engage in the process.

The events are all free, and merely require you to register for a ticket…

…if you have designs on any of them.

NOTE: Clerkenwell Design Week runs from 22nd – 24th May, all across Clerkenwell. The events at Fora also run from 22nd – 24th May, and tickets are completely FREE. You can reserve your spaces HERE.

FORA | 71 Central Street, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 8AB

Fora X Clerkenwell Design Week

71 Central Street, Clerkenwell, North London, EC1V 8AB