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Club Curling

Curling: the game that turned ‘sweeping the house’ into a legitimate Olympic sport…

If you rate yourself as a bit of a undercover curling maestro or have been eagerly waiting for an opportunity to try it out ever since the last Winter Olympics, then we have two pieces of great news for you: 1) Club Curling is returning to Coal Drops Yard for the winter and 2) it’ll be hanging around until the end of next February.

Club Curling

Club Curling has a total of six lanes where you and up to five mates can mimic those athletes you see on the telly for two weeks every four years. The aim of the game, in the most basic of terms, is to try and guide a weighty granite stone as close as you can towards a target (known as the house). Not actually being the Winter Olympics, of course, Club Curling’s simplified the game a little to make it more amateur-friendly: the lanes are lined with fake ice (so there’s no need to actually sweep), but the stones have been fitted with tiny little wheels so that they still skid along. There’s elements of darts, shuffleboard, bowling and even chess involved (it’s often referred to as ‘chess on ice’ due to its strategic side) so if you’re alright at any of those, you’ll be absolutely fine here.

Club Curling

Although curling has always been subjected to a degree of ridicule, it’s taxing stuff, so when your 45 minute session wraps up you’ll probably be in need of a drink. This situation is known as ‘broomstacking’; a tradition that consists of going for a few friendly post-game drinks where the loser has to pay – and this year, Club Curling has a pop-up bar serving alpine-themed cocktails, with DJ sets every Thursday. This also makes Club Curling a strong choice not just for groups, but romantic winter dates too…

You’ll sweep them off their feet.


NOTE: Club Curling at Coal Drops Yard runs from 9th November 2023 until the end of February 2024, every day from 12-8pm. It’s £8pp (free for under 12s with an adult) and you can book on their website, here.

Club Curling | Coal Drops Yard, London N1C 4DQ

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Club Curling

Coal Drops Yard, King's Cross, N1C 4DQ