Cocktails in the City 2019 | 25 of the best bars in London, all in one place
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Cocktails in the City 2019

Cocktails in the City 2019

Cocktails in the City 2019 | Partner Content

Indecision can be terrible.

On the other hand, it can also be great.

Because in certain situations, it can be one of those really, really good problems you find yourself lumbered with. Like finding yourself at Cocktails in the City and having to choose between going to the’s capital’s best negroni bar, the best bars for all other cocktails, the best tiki bars (modern or classic, just to make it tougher), the best whisky bars, the best gin bars, the best vintage bars… basically the best of everything the cocktail capital of the world/observable universe has to offer.

Like we said, good problems to have.

For 2019, their sixth year of cocktail bar mixology, CitC have chosen the subterranean labyrinth of moodily atmospheric railway arches & secret passageways that are The Vaults in Waterloo as a venue. And into those tunnels they’re pouring 25 of the best drinkeries in the capital (including TT Liquor, Heads + Tails, Ella Canta, Mr Fogg’s, the Campari Negroni Bar, and more) then muddling them with the likes of hidden rooms, masterclasses, and parties.

What’s new for this year? Glad you asked. Among other things, they’ve got:

A secret garden that’s overflowing with plants and botanicals. There’s an entire greenhouse put together by Bourne & Hollingsworth, and you can even pick a garnish from the hanging plants to put into a bespoke cocktail by Mr Foggs.

The Good Times Vault, in which good time bars like Laki Kane and London Cocktail Club will be making sure “the drinks are always strong, the music is always loud and the night is always young”.

The House of Luxe which, in direct contrast, will provide a welcome relaxation spot, fuelled mostly by champagne & sumptuous furnishings.

The Neighbourhood in which you’ll find the best bars from the boroughs with hangouts such as Black Rock, Four Sisters and Trailer Happiness.

A time-travelling underground bunker run by none other than the peeps at Cahoots, who’ll whisk you back to the bygone era of swing dancing & vintage tube carriages.

Add to this an award-winning bar all the way from Florence, the city’s leading mixologists and even a Sensory Cocktail Journey where sight, sound, touch and smell are used to craft bespoke cocktails “based on your emotion”.

Which should make you happy.

NOTE: Cocktails in the City 2019 is landing at the Vaults in Waterloo from Thursday 4th – Saturday 6th April 2019. Tickets include a cocktail (all cocktails are £7.50 on the night) and you can snap ’em up HERE.

Cocktails in the City | The Vaults, Leake St, SE1 7NN

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Cocktails in the City 2019

The Vaults, Leake St, Waterloo, SE1 7NN


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