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Jason Allen 16/03/18

Grace Dent Is Launching A Food Festival

Some people say grace before meals.

But Grace herself tends to do most of her talking after them.

And unfortunately, no amount of appeals to a higher power will save you if your restaurant isn’t up to snuff. Because Grace Dent didn’t become a revered critic by not being critical.

This April, however, she’s going to take a break from tongue-lashings, in order to get lashings of good stuff on to people’s tongues in the form of new street market Depford Bites. Together with food event organiser Kate McKenzie, she’ll be launching the market with a one-day, free to attend, mini festival called Depford Bites Live.

On the day itself, Dent will be hosting and curating a series of talks for well-nourished festival-goers. You’ll be able to grab food from traders like Oyster Boy, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen, Original Fry Up Materiel, Dosa Deli, and Black Milk Ice Cream, and as for those talks, well, here’s the lineup….

We Come in Peace – anchoring the past Featuring Adrian Luckie from Mama’s Jerk and Saima Arshad from Deptford Esquire (a craft pub/ Lahore curry house, not a stylish Depford-based men’s magazine) who’ll be discussing the changing demographics of Depford that come with its nascent gentrification.

Deptford Ditches Dairy? Apparently, with that gentrification comes veganism. And with that veganism comes a dairy-free, seitan-heavy, tofu-loving future. Chefs and restaurateurs including Vegan ambassador Jay Brave will talk about whether Deptford is ready to go the same way as Hackney…

A new chapter. Whose story is this anyway? Grace Dent, Zoe Adjonyoh and MiMi Aye discuss how at the highest levels of food and restaurant influence the power is still mainly in the hands of a very narrow group of people.

The festival is free, but some of the talks are ticketed, so you’ll want to snap them up quickly. After all, you don’t want to be turned away on the day…

…and have your pride dented.

NOTE: Depford Bites Live runs from 10-4pm, on Saturday the 7th of April. Tickets for entry are free, talks are £4 (and come with food & drinks samples), and you can get them all HERE.


Deptford Bites Live | Deptford Market Yard, SE8 4BX

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Deptford Bites Live

Deptford Market Yard, Deptford, SE8 4BX