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Jason Allen 15/09/21

An Edible "Flavour Rainbow" Is Coming To London This October

This October, the world’s first ‘Flavour Rainbow’ is coming to The Royal Docks.

To be clear, no, it is not just a packet of Skittles artfully tossed in the air. It’s a project from Bompas & Parr, who’ve graced us with such absurdities as alcoholic clouds, glow-in-the-dark ice cream, and underground boating lakes of booze. When it comes to highly experimental, surrealism-tinged dining experiences, they’re the absolute gold standard.

So what exactly have they concocted this time? Well, it’s really quite simple: they’re taking a fine mist, and spraying it across the span of the Royal Victoria Dock in an arc. Sunshine permitting, and from the right angle, it’ll then create a glittering, interactive rainbow. And the kicker? That fine mist will be flavoured, infused with the aromas of the various imports that used to come in by ship to the docks themselves. That means rainbows tasting of pineapple, watermelon, coffee, and all manner of spices. Pure, uncut leprechaun catnip basically.

Of course this isn’t happening out of the blue (well, technically 14% of the rainbow is, but you get it), but it’s all part of the larger Royal Docks Originals Festival, which has been put on to help promote the area. Head down, and you might also see an old Tate & Lyle factory turned into an art gallery, a 1960s sing-a-long and tea dance at a piano, an immersive play taking place on the streets themselves, and much, much more besides. It’s all on from the 14th of October until the end of the month.

Which is when we’ll finally reach the end of the rainbow, too.


NOTE: Bompas & Parr’s Flavour Rainbow will be on from October 15th until the 31st. Tickets are free, so if you want one head to the booking website immediately right HERE.

Flavour Rainbow | Silvertown Way Flyover, (opposite Perky Blenders Café) 1 Dock Rd, E16 1AG

Like weird food? There’s a whole museum dedicated to the stuff…

Royal Docks Flavour Rainbow

Silvertown Way Flyover, 1 Dock Rd, Royal Docks, E16 1AG