EVE Riot Grrrls of Wrestling | Theatrical Live Wrestling Event

EVE Riot Grrrls of Wrestling

EVE Riot Grrrls of Wrestling

EVE Riot Grrrls of Wrestling

If you’ve been wondering where you can next catch a feminist punk-rock wrestling live event…

…we’ve found it.

The EVE Riot Grrrls are bringing their amped-up, chant-filled, strobe-lit live wrestling events to London this August after a barnstorming battle down in Brighton. It’s basically Netflix’s GLOW, in real life.

EVE was founded by married couple Emily and Dann Read, who have been fighting outside of the ring to increase the status and popularity of women’s wrestling. Alongside running these events, they also head up the EVE Academy in Bethnal Green, which offers friendly training sessions for anyone who identifies as female and wants to try their hand at the sport.

EVE Wrestling

Their next tournament, Fights and False Lashes, will be taking place at the home of the academy, The Resistance Gallery, on 10th August. It’ll be a theatrical, flamboyantly costumed night, with the Riot Grrrls busting out gravity-defying moves and dramatic stunts in a bid to become the next EVE wrestling champion.

Just make sure you book ahead…

…they’ll want to punch your ticket.


NOTE: EVE Riot Grrrls of Wrestling Present: Fights & False Lashes takes place on 10th August at The Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green. Tickets cost from £22, and can be purchased HERE.

The Resistance Gallery | 265 Poyser Street, E2 9RF

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EVE Riot Grrrls of Wrestling

The Resistance Gallery, 265 Poyser Street, Bethnal Green, E2 9RF


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