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Experimental Burger Society

Time and again, scientists have tried to discover the formula for the perfect burger, but it only ever seems to lead to disagreements and difficulties.

Essentially, there’s too much beef.

Which is why the Experimental Burger Society needs you to do the honourable thing and attempt to create the ultimate burger, for the good of yourself and all mankind. Taking place at Fitzrovia gourmet burger joint, BOBO Social, it’s a hands-on, meaty masterclass where you’ll be given the tools, ingredients, and general know-how to craft your very own bespoke burger.

You’ll arrive to a welcome drink (prosecco or a Bloody Mary, depending on your Friday night), before donning your lab coat and sitting down with BOBO’s head chef, who’ll talk you through the ingredients you’ll be working with. But there’ll be none of your run of the mill “lettuce” or “plain beef patties” here; instead, you’ll be sandwiching only the most exotic – the most experimental, if you will – of meats between those fresh buttermilk buns. After finding your feet with a meat tasting, you’ll start putting together your own personal tower of treats using meats like alligator, zebra, kangaroo, venison, or ostrich – or, for the traditionalists amongst you, BOBO’s premium rare-breed beef.

And after handing over your beloved creation to the BOBO chef, who’ll sear it to perfection over their wood-smoked oven, you’ll be able to sit down and enjoy it with your choice of toppings, side and salsa…

Whichever you feel like testing out.


NOTE: The Experimental Burger Society runs every Monday evening and Saturday lunchtime. Tickets cost £25 and include your welcome drink, wine-paired meat tasting and burger meal at the end. You can reserve spaces on their website HERE.

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Experimental Burger Society

BOBO Social, 95 Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia, Central London, W1T 4PZ

0207 636 9310

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