Adventure Films, Campfires, And Marshmallows | Plus a little mulled wine
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Movies, Campfires, and Mulled Wine in an Historic Church

Adventure Films, Campfires, And Marshmallows

Adventure Films, Campfires, And Marshmallows | Plus a little mulled wine

If you’re going to watch a life flash before your eyes…

…make sure it’s somebody else’s.

And make sure you do it in an appropriately beautiful forum, too. One like the beautiful, historic Round Chapel in Hackney. Which, as it happens, is exactly where the folks at Secret Adventures have chosen to screen their latest lineup of award-winning life-affirming adventure films.

It’s all going to take place on January 31st. The plan for the evening is thus: things begin in the gardens outside the chapel (which, incidentally, actually is round) where you’ll find campfires blazing both to keep you cozy, and to toast the free marshmallows you’ll be eating. To go with all of that, there’ll be a pop up bar selling mulled wine & beer, and if you’re still peckish they’ll have food stalls in the chapel, too.

Secret Adventures

Speaking of which, once you retire inside and find your way to a seat, you’ll sit back and be treated to half a dozen bracing short films (which have won 22 awards between them). They’re all adventure-themed, and all excellent. They vary in length from 3mins to half an hour, and they include the likes of:

Johanna Under Ice – an award-winning documentary about Johanna Nordblad, who used cold water treatment to save her leg from amputation, and went on to become the world champion freediver under ice.

Weightless – a frankly stunning first-hand, birds-eye view of paragliding, from the French Alps to the coast of South Africa, and from the Azores islands to the beaches of Brazil, all while gliding between church steeples, skimming along coastlines and looping the loop over volcanic craters.

Untethered – a palm-sweatingly tense account of one man’s attempt to break the world slackline record without any safety equipment, by walking across a gigantic Canadian canyon on a piece of rope.

There are also films about the trials and tribulations of being Iceland’s only professional surfer, a treacherous journey undertaken by two legendary mountaineers, and more.


NOTE: Adventure Films, Campfires, And Marshmallows takes place on January 31st 2020. Tickets cost £20, and are available right HERE.

Round Chapel | 1D Glenarm Rd, Lower Clapton, E5 0LY

Looking for dinner before/after the show? P.Franco is directly opposite the chapel.

Adventure Films, Campfires, And Marshmallows

1D Glenarm Rd, Hackney, E5 0LY
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