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Hattie Lloyd 30/06/17

The Frequent Flyers Cocktail Club

Frequent Flyers Cocktail Club | Partner Content

Private jets.

Some are mind-blowingly opulent. Others turn out to be a little plane.

So just to save you any possible disappointments, Koko Kanu have created a journey that evokes all the hedonism of the golden age of jetset travel, whilst cutting out the actual ‘jet’ part. What they’ve left in, however, are the crucial elements of exotic intrigue, glamourous, far-flung locations, and rum. Lots of rum.

Under the banner of the Frequent Flyers Cocktail Club, they’ve curated an itinerary that allows you to swing by some of the most exotic internationally-inspired bars around London, from Brazilian-style botecos to boozy Shanghai tea bars, and sip on signature serves styling out Koko Kanu’s coconut rum in their own inimitable way.

In order to join the club, all you’ll have to do is drop in to any one of the six bars, with a couple of your own holiday snaps in tow. Having shown them to your bartender, you’ll be handed your own personal passport and a map to guide you on your travels. As well as, of course, two complimentary cocktails to see you on your way.

Armed with said map, you’ll then be able to track down the other five bars, from the mysterious speakeasy, Opium, decked out like a vintage Chinese apothecary, to the colourful Mexican caverns of The Pink Chihuahua, tucked beneath El Camion. At each spot, you’ll be able to sample the bar’s own bespoke coconut rum cocktail, or one of the two Koko Kanu signature serves, the Koko Kolada and the Koko Daquiri – each of which will add another stamp to your passport.

Collect three of these bad boys and you’ll get another drink on the house (whichever house you happen to be in), and should you manage to complete the entire tour, you’ll be entered into a competition with a host of prizes, from luggage accessories to cocktail classes.

And trust us. They’re all first class.

Details: The Koko Kanu Frequent Flyers Club launches 1st July. To get hold of your passport and two complimentary drinks, simply bring along a couple of your most impressive and/or humiliating holiday snaps to any of the following bars: Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings, Opium, The Pink Chihuahua, Trailer Happiness, Made in Brasil or The Rum Kitchen (all locations). Find out more on their website HERE, or follow their instagram @KokoKanu_UK.