Green Rooms Market | A Roving Botanical Marketplace In London

Green Rooms Market

Green Rooms Market

Green Rooms Market | Plants Galore

If you’re wondering why your home isn’t filled with lush foliage, leafy palms and potted houseplants…

…it’s probably because you haven’t botany.

And while London is filled with all manner of tiny independent plant boutiques tucked away on picturesque cobbled lanes waiting expectantly for you to stumble across, they’re no use in a plantmergency such as this. What you require is a collection of handpicked vendors, curated by the expert eye of a pair of botanist enthusiast sisters, and conveniently gathered in one place.

Behold: Green Rooms Market, a roving botanical marketplace that pops up across London with hundreds of different species of plant, succulents and cacti up for grabs*.

*do not physically grab the cacti.

Green Rooms Market

Planting themselves into strikingly beautiful settings each time – from the Grade II listed Victorian market at King’s Cross to the elegant halls of the Royal Horticultural Society – you’ll find stall after stall of both indoor and outdoor greenery, as well as handmade ceramics, 3D printed pots, hanging planters and macramé holders.

Exploding with an abundance of trailing plants, hanging ferns, potted succulents and a little kokedama, the ancient art of Japanese moss ball plant display, the stalls at Green Rooms Market are all run by independent sellers who are all certifiably green-fingered. So if there’s anything you’re unsure of (how does one water one’s ancient Japanese moss ball plant display?) you can score advice right from the experts.

Green Rooms Market

Beyond the stalls, there’s usually one or two workshops running, too – so you can learn the basics of flower arranging or put together a terrarium with your new purchases. And naturally there’s live music, a bar and a couple of street food stalls to keep you fed and watered. After which, there’s only one thing to do…



NOTE: Green Rooms Market pops up on various dates throughout the year, across London. Their next market will appear at Peckham Springs on 25th August, 11am-5pm – you can find out more HERE.

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