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Jason Allen 05/10/17

Hammer House of Horror Live

Hammer House of Horror Live | The Soulless Ones

Hammer Films.

When it comes to horror, they absolutely nail it…

And thanks to their history of not screwing anything up, we’re pretty sure that the legendary production company’s latest, newest venture – an immersive theatre show – is going to be terrifyingly good.


They’ve chosen as a venue the suitably spooky Hoxton Hall, a Grade II listed Victorian Music Hall established in 1863 (fully restored in 2015), which they’ve given their customarily atmospheric set-dressing. And they’ll be giving you the same treatment too, shrouding you in a black hooded cloak as you freely wander through the dusty vaults, opulent opium dens, eerie bed chambers, and creaking attics. All-in-all, you’ll be able to explore 105 individual scenes, meaning that not only are no two evenings the same, but no two guests will have the same exact experience either.


The whole experience is scripted, condensing seven hours of potential content into a two hour performance. As you wander, you’ll be seamlessly introduced to the characters making up the Hoxton Hive, a ‘family’ of vampires, all made up with Illamasqua (Carmilla, the matriarch; menacing monk, the psychopathic monster; Elodie, the new convert desperate for her first taste of human blood, etc.) who aim to complete an ancient ritual allowing them to walk in the day. That ritual, naturally, involves snatching their victims from right under your eyes as vampires and their prey move around you…


If, like the vampires, you fancy a bloody good drink, you’ll be happy to know that the venue has a bar (integrated into to the plot) serving Ice Cold shots by Jägermeister and cocktails all evening.

Including Corpse Revivers.

NOTEHammer House of Horror Live – The Soulless Ones is 18+ only. The experience lasts for approximately 2 hours, and runs until the end of October. Tickets cost £50 (£25 for Nudge Members on shows between 9-18 Oct) and are now on sale HERE 

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ALSO NOTE: £10 from the sale of every Premium ticket will go to support SOPHIE – Illamasqua’s official charity set up in 2010 after the teenager Sophie Lancaster was killed for being a goth.

Hoxton Hall | 130 Hoxton St, N1 6SH

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Carpe Diem!

Hammer House of Horror Live

130 Hoxton Street, Hoxton, East London, N1 6SH

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