The World's First Michelin Starred Street Food Chef Is Coming To London
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The World's First Michelin-Starred Street Food Is Coming To London

KERB King’s Cross

Hawker Chan | Michelin Starred Street Food

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Because it was street food.

Michelin-Starred street food, to be precise. And it didn’t just cross the road, it crossed entire continents. And it’s not just chicken either, it comes from Singapore’s now famous Hawker Chan, who serves the world’s cheapest Michelin Starred meal – his signature Soya Sauce Chicken & Rice – for just £6.

And now, he’s coming to London.

He’ll be in town for just three days, from this Wednesday 14th to Friday 16th March, at the KERB market up in Kings Cross. All in all, he’ll be serving up just 200 portions of his famed dish. So get there early.

Soya Sauce chicken itself is a pretty popular dish in Hong Kong anyway, but Hawker Chan has spent years perfecting his own take on it – his involves two sauces (one to blanch & marinade, and one to serve with the finished dish), and his own blend of Chinese spices. He typically works for 16-17 hours a day, and the wait for his stall in Singapore is around 2-3 hours.

If you want to get in on the action, you’ll have to show up early to KERB…

…and bring along £6.

NOTE: Hawker Chan will be in town for three days, from Wednesday 14th to Friday 16th March, at KERB King’s Cross. He’ll be there from 12-2pm. You can find out more right HERE.


KERB | Granary Square, Kings Cross, N1C 4AA

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KERB King’s Cross

Granary Square, Kings Cross, Kings Cross, N1C 4AA


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