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Hawker House

Head over to Canada Water and you’ll uncover London’s only freshwater lake, a wealth of briefcases, a world-famous night club…

…and Hawker House.

And it’s within this colossal 1,500m² warehouse that you’ll also come across 10 bars and 15 street food traders; catering for up to 2,000 people in the winter and another thousand when London’s elusive sun is shining and their outdoor ‘tropical tiki paradise’ – the Land of Bamboo – comes into play.

It’s open every Friday and Saturday from 5pm until midnight, so you’ll have plenty of time to delve into the world of superfluous choice and indecision. But to minimise the risk of any internal conflict, we’ve preemptively given you the rundown of everything on offer below…


Born & Raised | Pizza

Born and Raised

Wood-fired pizzas made from locally sourced ingredients and cooked up in a converted Land Rover Defender.

Dreamin’ Dough | Vegan Doughnuts

Dreamin Dough

100% vegan doughnuts, made fresh and served warm. Expect delights like the Oreo Cheesecake, combining classic dough with an oreo glaze, and finished off with an oreo cheesecake mousse & crushed oreos.

Ink | Crispy Szechuan Calamari


Crispy, deep fried baby squid accompanied by fresh flavours and pastel mayonnaise.

Mother Clucker | Fried Chicken

Mother Clucker

With yet more deep fried fare comes Mother Clucker; bringing buttermilk-soaked, twice-battered fried chicken to the table.

Petare | Venezuelan


Some of the best Venezuelan street food in town. Be sure to get a side of their Yuca Frita (cassava chips, feta, hot avocado and coriander salsa) and you can thank us later.

Raastawala | Stuffed Naans


Garlic and coriander naan bread, topped with 24 hour-marinated chicken or lamb, salad and homemade sauce.

Salt Shed | Salted Beef

Salt Shed

Salt beef steaks in the form of a New York smoked pastrami bun, with home-cured, 12 hour smoked and steamed beef brisket, slaw and sweet dill pickles; a burger with American cheese and beef dripping mayo; and finally the humble steak & chips with chimichurri.

Yum Bun | Taiwanese Steamed Buns


Taiwanese fluffy steamed buns, stuffed with pork belly, crispy tofu & black bean mayo, or fried chicken and chilli pickles.

Yumplings | Steamed Dumplings


From the same people behind Yum Bun, Yumplings is all about steamed dumplings with spicy sauces.


Bar Contra | Rum and Tequila

Bar Contra

2 spirits, 6 cocktail variations. Take your pick…

Can Hatch | Craft Beer

Can Hatch

A small hatch with a large selection of craft beers from across the globe.

Gin Kitchen | G&T’s

Gin Kitchen

Opt for a martini or your gin of choice, alongside one of their 11 different tonics on offer.

Street Vin | Wine

Street Vin

A very strong selection of red, white and rosé wines. But you know, on the street.

Union Bar and Pool | American Dive Bar

Union Bar

Upstairs at Hawker House, you’ll find an American bar serving up beer and whisky; with pool tables for those with the sharpest elbows.


NOTE: Hawker House is open every Friday and Saturday from 5pm until midnight, with free entry. You can book a table for groups of 10-40 and read more info on their website, right HERE.

Hawker House | Canada Street, SE16 7PJ

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Hawker House

Canada Street, Canada Water, SE16 7PJ
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