HiddenCity’s Real World Adventure Games
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HiddenCity’s Real World Adventure Games

HiddenCity’s immersive hunts are riddled with …well, riddles.

And clues, puzzles, trails, challenges, surprises, and the occasional warming beverage. The basic aim is not only to give you a ridiculously fun afternoon, but place you centre stage as you journey through a story, and across the city, uncovering places you never knew existed. All while having a rip-roaringly good time.

The way they work is relatively simple: you pull together a group of 2-5 fellow players, and make your way to the start point. (If you want, you can form multiple teams to play competitively). As part of the story, a trail of clues will be sent to your phones by various characters, and over the course of around 3hrs (give or take) and across 3 miles (give or take) you’ll have to solve challenges, riddles, and clues, speak to subtly placed actors/total strangers, and reach the final destination in time – and what happens at that final destination will depend on your choices throughout the game.

Two of their most popular (and well-reviewed) games currently playing are:


So here’s the setup: Once upon a time an evil Queen asked her Enchanted Mirror, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the wisest of them all?”. The mirror answered, “Not you my Queen.” The Queen went berserk, and created a challenge in order to prove that the mirror was full of BS and that she was the only one who could solve it …which is where you step in. You and your team will try to solve the challenge and find the Enchanted Mirror, while traversing cobbled streets, stepping inside fairytale palaces, and “stopping for seasonal treats in tucked away taverns”. Which is a nice festive twist.


Extended due to overwhelming demand, this one’s inspired by the characters & themes from Alice in Wonderland. And if you figured that out already, congratulations. You’re already in the clue-solving mindset, but you’ll have step it up seven notches if you’re going to find the “perpetually mischievous” Northern feline, because this one is a decent into the strange, surreal, and absurd side of London. You’ll find yourself weaving through galleries, scouring literary archives, and descending into cellar vaults to ‘paws’ for drinks. You’ll sip tea from a Queen and “choose who to trust”. Just be careful with your clues…

…we all know what curiosity did to the cat.


NOTE:You can find out more, and book tickets at HiddenCity’s website right HERE.

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