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Jason Allen 13/04/18

HogSozzle Festival

It’s hard to believe that the fully-fledged, intimate boutique music festival known as HogSozzle started life as a simple get together with friends.

But trust us, that’s no porky.

Now in their 8th year, it’s become something ever so slightly bigger; a kaleidoscopic, glitter-showered, fantasy & fairytale themed jamboree playing host to over 130 music acts spread across 4 stages, for an intimate crowd of 1500 people.

And one pig.

Here’s how the insanity breaks down:


This is what started it all. A simple hog roast with friends. So you’ll be glad to know this one is free. You can have as much as you like, thanks to the fact that it’s 70kg, and there’ll be plenty of additional street food types around if you’re into something other than pork.


Picture the scene: the entire crowd is dressed in white. Hundreds of people. All armed with paint powder. The music builds. And builds. And builds. And at the crescendo, when everyone is at fever pitch – the drop. The field explodes in colour as the paint fight starts…


Oh yeah, that stage isn’t just for the paint fight. It’s one of four that’ll host over 130 acts over the three days the fest is on, including the likes of Scratch Perverts, Maribou State, The Turbans, We Are Bandicoot, The Black Roses, and more.


We don’t have space to list everything else going on, but it involves fire dancers, some unbelievably stretchy acro-yoga performers, graffiti workshop, wandering magicians, three vixens holding a ‘briefcase of dares’ and pouncing on unsuspecting festival-goers, and a whole lot more…


PLEASE NOTE: HogSozzle took place from 25th-27th May 2018 in a Hertford field site.

HogSozzle 2017 | Frogmore Hill, Hertford, SG14 3RR

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HogSozzle Festival

Frogmore Hill, Hertford, SG14 3RR