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Jason Allen 20/01/22

Hot 4 U Are Holding A P*ss Up In A Brewery

What with modern fire codes, dietary requirements, and the lack of basic seating & glassware, it’s actually not that easy to host a piss up in a brewery.

But Hot 4 U have decided to flex their immense organisational skills, shoot for the moon, and hold one anyway.

They’re calling it (drumroll please) ‘A Piss Up In A Brewery’.

It’ll take place on February 18th, and the brewery in question is the excellent Bianca Road Brew Co Down in Bermondsey (they’re on Enid Street, believe it or not. Bianca Road is in Peckham.), whose cavernous taproom is hidden under one of those lovely brick railway arches along the beer mile. Inside, you’re going to find “Food, Music, Revelry, Debauchery, Beer and more”. And just to expand on those points a teensy bit more, here’s what we can expect:

Pictured: debauchery

The food – will come from Hot 4 U, a concept from two absurdly talented, highly creative chefs (Eddy Tejada and Matthew Scott), who’ll be furnishing you with an a la carte, and some bone marrow luges to drink beer from.

The music – will be supplied by DJ Amouse Bouche until late, and they’re also promising that “Robbie Williams will probably be there”, which is as close to a guarantee as you can get when it comes to Robbie Williams.

The beer – will come from the massive tanks a few feet away from you, and it’ll be delicious. The brewery itself was inspired by a cycling trip across the US, and they love their West Coast inspired beers, including their standout TropiCali IPAs.

As for the revelry & debauchery?

They’ll be supplied by you.


NOTE: Hot 4 U’s Piss Up In A Brewery is taking place on February 25th at the Bianca Road Brew Co. Tickets cost £15 and are available right HERE.

Bianca Road Brew Co | 83 Enid St, SE16 3RA

Like to get a taste of the beer? Take a trot down the beer mile..

Hot 4 U’s Piss Up In A Brewery

Bianca Road Brew Co, 83 Enid St, Bermondsey, SE16 3RA