Jason Allen 20/11/19

How to Change the World 2019

How to Change the World 2019 | Malcom Gladwell, Robert Winston, and more

From what we’ve been told, we’re fairly easily influenced.

Unfortunately, impacting the rest of the world isn’t quite so simple.

But the good news is that the people at How To Academy are here to give you a little help with that. You see, they’ve partnered up with the New York Times to put together a, frankly, monumental TED-style conference pulling together some of the most brilliant minds in their fields – and they’re there to provide their insight into the world, the future, and how best to shape both of them.

It’ll all take place within the hallowed, Georgian walls of the Royal Geographical Society on November 28th, running the whole day from breakfast through to the late afternoon. And every single minute will be wrung out to make sure it’s filled with curiosity-nourishing, visionary sagacity. Talks will include the likes of:

MALCOM GLADWELL on talking to strangers. The internationally bestselling author will be discussing the finer points of how we misread those we don’t know.

NOAM CHOMSKY on how change is coming. One of the most cited scholars in modern history, and the founder of the discipline of modern linguistics, Chomsky’s talk is flat-out guaranteed to enthralling.

ROBERT WINSTON on genetically enhanced humans. The famed doctor, scientist, TV presenter, world-renowned expert on genetics, and sitting Lord will be talking about your children’s children’s superpowers.

KRISTEN DAVIS on the amazing abilities of rats. Davis will be discussing her work as chairwoman of the US Board of Directors for APOPO HeroRATs, an NGO training rats to save lives by detecting landmines and tuberculosis around the globe.

ALI PARSA on affordable healthcare for everyone on the planet. The CEO of Babylon will be examining how artificial intelligence can put accessible and affordable healthcare in the hands of every person on Earth.

HADAS KLEINMAN giving a musical keynote. The acclaimed cellist and singer will be closing out the proceedings with a little demonstration of her prodigious musical talents.

There’ll be 15 speakers in total (plus the musical keynote at the end) with topics spanning everything from the nature of consciousness, to space mining, to preserving global biodiversity, to how finance can supercharge the climate fight, and much more in between. Each of the talks will take roughly 15-20 minutes, with breaks for tea & coffee, plus a buffet lunch for those who want one.

And the kicker? Nudge Members get 50% off tickets.

So you can save some of that change for yourself.


NOTE: How to Change the World 2019 takes place on 28th November. Tickets are (take a breath) £159 for the full day. Nudge Members, however, receive a 50% discount on the ticket price (Find the discount code in the box below). You can get them right HERE

How To Change The World | Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, SW7 2AR

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How to Change the World 2019

Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, Kensington, West London, SW7 2AR