Hattie Lloyd 15/08/19

How To Change Your Life Festival 2019

“How To Change Your Life”.

At first glance it seems unlikely that any event could live up to a name as ambitious, lofty, and high-expectation-setting as this one. But on second glance it becomes apparent that an event entitled “How To Change Your Life” could actually consist of one person briefly advising all attendees to stop eating & sleeping. It wouldn’t be good advice, but it would undeniably be a recipe for change.

Fortunately, however, this event has far nobler aims….

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. We need not wait to see what others do.”  – Mahatma Gandhi

Presented by How To Academy in partnership with The New York Times, the How To Change Your Life Festival 2019 aims to fight back against the rat race, stress, anxiety & depression by empowering you to be the change that you want to see in the world. It’s a day of keynote talks & masterclasses by an impressive collection of writers, politicians, entrepreneurs, activists & psychologists – all of whom will be heading to The Royal Geographical Society on Saturday 14th September with the aim of invigorating your physical and emotional health.

In the words of How To Academy…

“This isn’t a day of self-improvement for its own sake: it’s a day of self-improvement for the sake of the planet. The battle for equality, climate justice, and the future of democracy begin with the individual – but before you can change the world, you first need to change yourself. Join us for one unforgettable day in September, and we’ll show you how….”

Speakers on the day include –

SUSIE ORBACH on accepting our bodies.  Susie’s the author of the international bestseller “Fat Is A Feminist Issue” and the recipient of the British Psychoanalytic Council’s first Lifetime Achievement Award.

JESS PHILLIPS MP on speaking truth to power. Jess is a Labour MP who previously worked for Women’s Aid and is valued for speaking up about women’s rights and sexist attitudes.

CAITLIN MORAN on how to be famous. Caitlin needs no introduction, but will nevertheless be introduced at the event because, well, she’s speaking at it.

DR CONNSON LOCKE on building presence and authority. Dr Locke literally teaches decision-making at LSE, and is here to help you build your presence and authority in both business and everyday life.

TONY CRABBE on taking control of your career. Tony’s a bestselling business psychologist who specialises in delivering lasting behavioural change at companies including Disney, Microsoft and News Corp.

DR.PIPPA MALMGREN on the art of leadership. Dr Malmgren’s the co-founder of a business that makes ‘autonomous aerial intelligence systems’, and will therefore be talking about something cool that we’ll prooobably not understand.

TIM HERRERA on smarter living. Tim’s a New York Times journalist who reports on people who have found ways to live smarter, more meaningful lives.

SCARLETT CURTIS on Feminists Wear Pink. Scarlett’s the curator of bestselling anthology Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (and other lies) featuring new writing from women in the worlds of activism, Hollywood and the arts.

DR HENRIETTA BOWDEN-JONES on overcoming addictive behaviours. Dr Bowden-Jones is a neuroscientist specialising in addictive behaviours, who’s lectured both at universities and Latitude.

You’ll hear from comedians, philosophers, scientists, authors and journalists on everything from the fight for climate justice and knowing who to trust to finding mental focus and wanting less stuff….

(Tickets to this don’t count).

NOTE: Please note,how To Change Your Life Festival 2019 has ended. Tickets are (take a breath) £150 for the full day. Nudge Members, however, receive a £75 discount on the ticket price (Nudge Membership is free for a week’s trial, then costs £4.99 p/m).  

How To Change Your Life | Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, SW7 2AR

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How To Change Your Life Festival 2019

Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, Kensington, West London, SW7 2AR